Complete Overview with the New Calendar Integration in Your Plandisc


Plandisc´s new feature, the circle calendar, allows you to add an extra dimension to your Plandisc by adding a unique calendar that displays each daily activity.

So far, it’s been possible to see events on a weekly level, but now the overview will be even more complete. This means that  it is not only the planned activities but also the integrated calendar, that can be displayed in a coherent and transparent setup.

Whether you work in an organisation or institution and want a complete overview of events and tasks, then Plandisc´s new feature allows you to add an extra dimension to your Plandisc. Why not synchronise your Plandisc and your calendar and assemble everything in one site, so all concerned partners can have easy access to the Plandisc and get a complete overview.

The integrated circle calendar in your Plandisc is innovative in several ways. Firstly, it is innovative in the sense that the Plandisc until now has been limited to display weeks. Now, it is an option to choose a day-to-day display.

Secondly, the feature is innovative in the sense that it is the first digital circle calendar the world has seen.

This extra dimension has been developed based on requests from Plandisc users, for whom selecting specific days would give them an even more detailed overview..


How to use the function

If a union or association for instance selects a specific time for a key activity, it will show whether the activity extends over one day, two days or perhaps a whole week. This way makes it possible to create several events on each specific day. Everything is gathered in a structure, where it´s quick to determine if activities overlap causing unwanted constraints, for instance.

It is also possible to add several descriptions and schedules to each activity. By double clicking on the individual activity it is possible to create structure over important events, under the activity. If for instance the key activity is a conference, there can be added a translucent overview of important underlying activities, that those concerned can´t afford to miss.

The cyclical processes come to life

Another way that Plandisc´s new function is innovative, is that it´s the first time a calendar has been available in this circular form.

The circular setup contributes to the cyclical processes, that is often represented in daily work throughout organisations and institutions.

In an organisation for instance, many of the tasks and events through the year is not new, but repetitive reflected in a cyclical approach, where every year many of the same things must be considered.


That is one of the reasons why it is smart to take inspiration from past years plans or some of the templates Plandisc has already created, which you can find here.



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