News: Now You Can Combine Your Operating Plan with a Circular Calendar

The world's first digital circle calendar - Now it is possible to combine your calendardisc, calendar and site

Plandisc users have requested the option to add an extra dimension in the form of an integrated calendar to their Plandisc. Now it is here: The world´s first digital circle calendar! It helps organisations and institutions to obtain an even more complete overview by combining the Plandisc (including all the planned activities) with a unique circular calendar on their site.

In organizations as well as institutions it is crucial to provide an overview of all future activities for everyone involved in the daily workflow. The more transparent, detailed and personal this structure is, the better the chance for your organization to reach the desired objectives.

With regard to this, there is a need for an innovative way, in which it is possible to obtain a comprehensive overview of the year. Therefore, Plandisc has launched a new feature that covers especially two fundamental areas. These are areas that the users of Plandisc’s interactive Plandisc have inquired about earlier.

Digital circle calendar displaying day-to-day activities

One of the biggest advantages of using the circle calendar as a setup is that it allows the user to visualise all the years planned activities in one image, without having to scroll or make additional clicks. In this way, the Plandisc rethinks the way in which it is possible to get a quick and easy overview of planned activities.

Plandisc’s features already includes interaction, you can share activity rings, attach files as well as embedding the plan on site.

The world's first digital circle calendar - Now it is possible to combine your calendardisc, calendar and site

So far, the display has been limited to a weekly basis, which means that the daily level hasn´t been a part of the opportunities for visualisation. But now, we have added an extra dimension to the digital circle calendar that creates an even more clear overview, showing each day and the primary activities of each day at first glance.

If, for instance, a union has an event, an organisation has a conference or a school has a thematic week, it can be indicated if the activity stretches over one, two or five days. You can also click on an event and add specific time schedules for appointments, meetings etc.

Integrating a calendar in your calendardisc

To put it simple, the new feature is a possibility for you to integrate your calendar and its events in one overall calendardisc. That means, that you get a unique possibility to see planned activities in your Plandisc in relation to other events from your calendar. In this way, you can save time  and provide an even more complete overview by combining your Plandisc with your calendar.

By integrating the circular calendar in your Plandisc, there is no need to change between several formats and you avoid losing track. Just by looking at the Plandisc, you can determine if activities and events are structured properly in relation to each other and then take actions accordingly.

When the Plandisc is combined with the calendar and it embedded on your site, you have assembled all important details in one coherent and manageable format. This way, you ensure that all concerned individuals will be provided with a full overview.