How to Plan a Successful Interdisciplinary Thematic Unit at Your School

Teaching a successful interdisciplinary thematic unit depends on strategic planning up front. Follow these best practices for success. Many schools are realizing the rich learning experiences that interdisciplinary thematic units can provide to students. But planning and coordinating a multidisciplinary learning experience can be a daunting proposition. The success of your interdisciplinary thematic unit depends[…]


Smart Tips for Long-term Instructional Planning

Unforeseen events can throw your long-term instructional plan off schedule. Follow these best practices to make your plan more successful. Effective teaching starts with effective planning. Without a well thought-out long-term instructional plan, your classroom will drift unevenly through the year—paced too slowly one week, crammed for time the next. Plan Around the Academic Calendar[…]

Use a Planning cycle at the school

Five good reasons for using a Planning cycle at the school • The teacher can use the Planning cycle as a working tool – as a frame for his/her lessons throughout the year. • The teaching staff can use the Planning cycle for coordination of the interdisciplinary cooperation. • The parents are being informed of[…]

The parents’ involvement is underestimated

Research indicates that a sound learning environment in the home is of vital importance for the child’s development and for the learning at school. A sound learning environment at home is for the child of significant importance – both regarding the social and cognitive development. Important to read out to the children The parents’ involvement[…]

Annual Operating Plan for the daily school management

The new requests introduced by Primary Education Reform in Denmark make heavy demands on the school management, which is to show the direction and to work targeted with the educational development. A business plan and an Annual Operating Plan will be an important tool for the school management with regard to communication of direction and[…]

An Annual Operating Plan can support the targeted education

The new Primary School Reform in Denmark aims at raising the children’s educational standards. That is why the Reform has a clear formulation regarding the improvement of the pupil’s learning and how they are feeling at school. Working target-oriented is in this connection very important. Working with learning goals requires a long-term planning – f.inst.[…]