Our approach to CSR

It means a lot to us to take social responsibility. We firmly believe that the ability to give carries a responsibility.

Therefore, we have decided that for each paying user, we will donate DKK 10.00 to:

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Viva is an international church and humanitarian children’s organization whose goal is to improve the conditions for children and young people.

LifeWorks in Honduras and Nicaragua

Viva’s LifeWorks program helps young people who have grown up in orphanages to have a successful start to adulthood. Through counseling, scholarships, job training, courses in personal development and entrepreneurship, and the establishment of healthy social and professional networks, the young people gain resources to lead a good adult life outside the orphanage and become integrated into society.

Lifeworks - konkret hjaelp til unge fra boernehjem

The problem…

The young people helped through LifeWorks have all grown up in local orphanages that are members of the Viva network, a local church network for projects working with vulnerable children and young people. Many children growing up in orphanages are either orphaned, have only one parent, or come from poor family situations involving unemployment, abuse, violence, or a life on the streets.

A lot of money and human resources have been invested in giving these children a secure upbringing in the orphanages. This effort must be followed through by supporting the young people in job hunting, education, and living an independent adult life, as they lack a support network outside the orphanage.

LifeWorks… a community for orphaned children

Through LifeWorks, young people from different orphanages have connected with each other. Identification and community are crucial for the young people’s ability to stand on their own feet. In LifeWorks, they assist each other with job applications, finding a place to live, and dealing with difficult emotions, while creating their own new social and professional networks in the real world outside the orphanage walls. The concrete community with other orphaned young people has the potential to supplement (or replace) their fragile family situations and is a resourceful community for future young people leaving the orphanages.


You can read more about Viva’s LifeWorks program here.