Scheduling Meetings with the Benefit of an Interactive Operating Plan

Create transparency

Create Transparency across Your Organization through Effective Planning

An essential part of the planning carried out by the board is to outline which meetings should be hosted when and for what purpose. In this respect, it is beneficial to streamline the workflow by coordinating the plan with other areas of work.

With an interactive operating plan, you not only create a complete picture of meetings, but you also create a link between meetings and other activities in the organization.

Research conducted by the Danish accounting firm, PwC, in 2017 shows that the majority of boards views the rapid technological development as being the aspect influencing the companies the most.

Despite the awareness of the digitalization, many boards still do not take advantage of technology and the opportunities for streamlining the daily work. Here, the planning of meeting is not an exception. When you use Plandisc for visualizing your plans, you avoid important meetings being ignored, and you make sure time is allocated conveniently for attendants.

Recommended Approaches for Meeting Planning

A major part of the planning carried out by boards involves the scheduling of meetings. In this regard, it is recommended by the forum of management, Dagens Dagsorden, that special attention is required for coordination with the owners’ and direction’s operating plan. (Dagens Dagsorden, 2012)

Planning carried out by the board

In the meantime, it can be time consuming and challenging to ensure that the meeting schedule are consistent with the calendars of the attendants. Here, the board can take advantage of a digital solution useful for improving the internal communication.

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Dynamic Workflows with an Interactive Operating Plan

With an interactive operating plan from Plandisc, it is possible to share the circular plan or each activity ring in the wheel among the involved and in this way streamline the meeting schedule.

The Danish network of boards, ASNET Board, recognizes the value for boards in using a tool to create a link between meetings and other important activities in the organization.

In this regard, ASNET Board’s CEO, Henrik Nielsen, mentions that Plandisc certainly can strengthen the value creation of the board.

For instance, if you put the board meetings in the context of other ongoing projects, you get the complete picture and the activities are organized in the best possible way.

By sharing the circular plan or each activity ring in the wheel, members of the board as well as directors can access the meeting schedule and create a shared and coherent structure of meetings and activities.

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Attach content and follow up continuously

Another area of meeting planning, in which Plandisc can be used to streamline processes, I in relation to the retrospective control. Today, adequate reporting is required to ensure that conclusions and results from the meetings are documented.

In Plandisc you can add detailed descriptions and attach summaries, for instance. In this way, everyone involved has easy access to meeting details and attached files.


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