30. August 2015


When you are about to create a visual business plan – here called Annual Operating Plan – it is important that you have a dynamic template. By using the templates from PLANDISC you will in a very short time have created your own Annual Operating Plan.

You decide how many circles your Annual Operating Plan is going to have. With our templates you will get lots of possibilities and it can be 100% adjusted to your needs.

Individually created templates

Below you will find examples of how to use our Annual Operating Plan. All the templates have been created individually.

When using our templates you will, of course, choose the colours yourselves, so that your Annual Operating Plan will reflect your organization, company or association.

Annual Operating Plan

As you are creating your own Annual Operating Plan in our system, you are not restricted, as it is typically the case when using a traditional template. Our template will enable you to create a dynamic Annual Operating Plan, enabling your stakeholders to get an easy and clear picture and at the same time reflecting your requirements for an overall view.

School year




7th grade International School


Board of directors




Nordic corporate plan


If you click on one of the templates, it will give you a detailed description of how the template is used.