5 features you may not have used in your Plandisc

Get the most out of your Plandisc Complete your Plandisc with these features. Plandisc has a lot of features which you may not have explored that can help with planning and productivity. From visualizing company-wide road maps, all the way to planning activities and events throughout the year, and much more! Have you been making[...]

Embed your plandisc on your intranet

Collaborate towards the same goal It is important that all departments in a company know about their mission and vision, and at least as important: how do we achieve the goal? There must be a common understanding of how the company achieves progress and what the plan for the year is. This can be accommodated[...]

4 Brand New Features: Keep Better Track of Your Schedule

Comprehensibility and focus are two very important buzzwords for Plandisc's developers when it comes to the further development of the digital circle calendar. Talking about refinement, Plandisc's developer department has been extra busy lately to respond to the needs of the users. The 4 latest features have largely contributed to the planning tool becomming even[...]

Save Time with 5 Tips for Effective Planning

Many people are asking themselves this question; "How can I get a little more time every day so that I can get things done on a daily basis? This is not only the case for our private lives but also in terms of the strategic goals defined at work. Most organizations make an effort of increasing productivity through[...]

Use Embed Calendar of PLANDISC to Create Annual Planning Cycle

Annual planning cycle is important part of every successful company or organization’s functioning since it clearly states the most important tasks, functions and obligations that will need to be used or performed that year. PLANDISC’s planning tool enables you to create visually simple circular annual plans. You Can Start from Scratch or Use a Template[…]

Embed a Circular Calendar

Circular calendar templates from are used to keep track of small, medium, and large projects. They are integral to developing and tracking the tasks of operation plans, training schedules, campaigns, fundraising projects, and just about any enterprise you can name. A circular calendar lets you see the salient points of your enterprise at both[…]

5 Urban Planning Tool Techniques and Planning Cycle Template

Much Government and council urban and town planning has benefited from the use of circular planning. The PLANDISC is perfect for circular Annual Operation Planning providing excellent insight for all annual operations. PLANDISC makes town planning to be managed proficiently with the PLANDISC Planning Desktop App. 1.      Sharing Planning Procedures & Policies through Planning Cycle[…]

5 Top Reasons Planning Template will Benefit Your Business

PLANDISC has a range of planning tools readily available for use. Designed for a multitude of industries PLANDISC planning tools allows your business to easily follow planning cycles and adhere to budgets set. In order to gain access to PLANDISC planning template, simply download the app directly to your desktop and get planning. There are[…]

Embed Calendar to Get Clear Representation of Annual Operation Plan

An operational plan is simply an outline of tactical and strategic intentions for your business to achieve in order to become – or remain a success. A good plan will describe in detail all of the milestones and conditions for success your business will achieve. In addition, a thorough operating plan will explain how each[…]

Attach Excel files to your Planning cycle

You are able to attach files to your PLANDISC Planning cycle No matter whether you are creating your own Planning cycle or using one of PLANDISC’s various templates, you will always be able to attach documents with different formats such as Excel, Word, Powerpoint etc. How do I attach f.inst. an Excel sheet? Below you[…]