Annual Operating Plan for the daily school management

The new requests introduced by Primary Education Reform in Denmark make heavy demands on the school management, which is to show the direction and to work targeted with the educational development.

A business plan and an Annual Operating Plan will be an important tool for the school management with regard to communication of direction and inclusion amongst the teachers and stakeholders at the school.

With a visible and operational business planning, the Head Master is able to clarify goals and deadlines during the school year. In this case, an Annual Operating Plan from PLANDISC would be an obvious choice. The Annual Operating Plan from PLANDISC is a dynamic Annual Operating Plan, which the head master is able to create according to his own needs. The Annual Operating Plan may have many circles in different colours. Furthermore, you have the possibility of attaching files, Word-documents etc. to the Annual Operating Plan.

The Annual Operating Plan can be added to the school Intranet giving everybody access to it. The head master could choose to give some teachers access to editing.