The Annual Operating Plan intensifies the school-home-cooperation

In the new Primary Education Reform (in Denmark) one of goals is to focus on the school-home-cooperation.

The teachers’ influence and engagement is essential to make a school day good and educational for the pupils. The parents could influence and support the school in many ways. However, in order to be able to do so, they have to be informed of what is happening at school and of the school’s work. A visual Annual Operating Plan is a fantastic way of communicating the school’s work to the parents or others interesting parties.

In the Annual Operating Plan, the parents are able to see the curriculum and in this way be prepared for the communication with the child concerning the schoolwork. PLANDISC’s circular Annual Operating Plan can provide the parents with information in a visual and communicative way. At the same time, the teacher has the possibility of including more subjects and activities in the Annual Operating Plan in order to give the parents a better understanding of how the subjects and activities interact in relation to the simplified common goals.

With very few clicks, the Annual Operating Plan can be created individually and you have the possibility of attaching documents, Powerpoints, files, etc. You could add the Annual Operating Plan to the school’s Intranet or the school blog, and it is then accessible to everyone.