The parents’ involvement is underestimated

Research indicates that a sound learning environment in the home is of vital importance for the child’s development and for the learning at school.

A sound learning environment at home is for the child of significant importance – both regarding the social and cognitive development.

Important to read out to the children

The parents’ involvement at home has an extremely positive effect of the development of the child. The presence and the use of books in the home is important for the ability to read at school. Research shows that pupils from homes, where the parents are unskilled, are able to achieve the same ability to read and almost the same reading results as compared to pupils, where one of the parents has received further education. This is indicating that the teaching staff could benefit by working actively together with the parents – especially at the time of school start.

The use of Annual Operating Plan from PLANDISC at schools is increasing.

At PLANDISC we notice that more and more schools are using our Annual Operating Plan, which is a tool developed exactly with the purpose of involving the parents. An Annual Operating Plan from PLANDISC will in a clear and simple way show you the activities and goals for the school year – and every circle in the Annual Operating Plan can have its own subject. Furthermore, you have the possibility of attaching documents, files, presentations, etc.

The Annual Operating Plan from PLANDISC can easily be added to the parents’ Intranet or another site and thereby give everybody access to the information. A good and communicative way of starting the involvement of the parents. The parents are able to see the subjects during the whole school year and it is then easier for them to take an active part in the school activities.
With PLANDISC you are creating an Annual Operating Plan according to your own needs making the tool very flexible. We have created a variety of templates for you to choose from or by which you can get inspired. Many schools have their own template for each teacher to copy and integrate in his/her own curriculum.