Increase Productivity with the Right Collaboration Software

Increase productivity with the right collaboration software

Two Important Requirements of Digital Solutions to Increase Productivity

In today’s organizations, the daily workflow is increasingly fast-paced, and for many organizations it is challenging to achieve their goals of promoting productivity. For the same reason, it has become common to put a lot of effort in improving group dynamics and make use of software that promotes the collaboration.

Digital tools for collaboration is indeed more than just digital communication. Here, we go through two essential requirements that your software should meet to be useful for increasing productivity.

1. Features that promote the transparency

Studies have shown that 95 percentage of the global workforce are not fully updated on their organization’s strategic goals. Therefore, it is important that the collaboration software functions as a platform where all the involved can get an insight into the activities of other departments and in the overall objectives of the organization.

Make processes visible across departments

The embed feature in Plandisc’s planning tool is a good example of how shared plans easily can be made visible to an entire organization. In this way, a coherent overview of the year is created, and the ongoing processes are easily accessible to everyone involved.

Plandisc’s planning tool takes form as a circle calendar, in which employees can organize work-related tasks together. The unique overview provided by this new format could, for instance, involve future meetings, campaigns or school units. Discover the different collaboration features in Plandisc as, for instance, the embed feature here.

Plandisc - Planning tool for complete overview

Colibo is another effective collaboration software – a so-called social intranet that is build for promoting the internal communication and helping colleagues to work more efficiently. Colibo is another example of how employees can take advantage of easy access to shared knowledge group work. Discover the benefits of Colibo here.

2. Flexibility

Beside features that help you promote the transparency, the digital solution should also be flexible. This is an important precondition to its capability, since this ensures that it can be tailored for the specific needs of each organization or institution.

As no organization is structured in the same way, and as nobody does planning the exact same way, it is worthwhile noting if the tool can be tailored correspondingly. In this regard, some digital tools are more inflexible than others.

flexible structure with a digital circle calendar

In order to streamline the workflow, your software should reflect your organization’s structure. The interactive circle calendar from Plandisc can be tailored in that you assign an activity ring to each department in the circle calendar set up.

For instance, the circle calendar can distinguish between the marketing – or sales department or between math and physics. In this way, you are provided with a unique overview in one structure. It is also possible to create multiple calendars and assign a calendar to each department and then embed to plan on the intranet.

Collaboration software planning tool plandisc