5 features you may not have used in your Plandisc

Get the most out of your Plandisc Complete your Plandisc with these features. Plandisc has a lot of features which you may not have explored that can help with planning and productivity. From visualizing company-wide road maps, all the way to planning activities and events throughout the year, and much more! Have you been making[...]

Embed your plandisc on your intranet

Collaborate towards the same goal It is important that all departments in a company know about their mission and vision, and at least as important: how do we achieve the goal? There must be a common understanding of how the company achieves progress and what the plan for the year is. This can be accommodated[...]

How to stay one step ahead with your campaign planning

For many marketing employees, it can be overwhelming to think of all the future marketing initiatives. To get an overview of both the fixed yearly campaigns and more pontaneous campaigns requires that you have a dynamic digital solution. Here, we address how to stay on top of the planning of important activities.  When is the[...]

4 Brand New Features: Keep Better Track of Your Schedule

Comprehensibility and focus are two very important buzzwords for Plandisc's developers when it comes to the further development of the digital circle calendar. Talking about refinement, Plandisc's developer department has been extra busy lately to respond to the needs of the users. The 4 latest features have largely contributed to the planning tool becomming even[...]

GDPR and Ongoing Controls

Even though the 25th of May has come and gone, the process of GDPR is far from over. GDPR is an ongoing process, that continues year after year. The data protection directive requires small as well as bigger corporations to comply with the data security regulations. The corporation can benefit from setting up business protocols,[...]

Easy management of GDPR processes with a circle calendar

For organizations, it is not enough to be on top of which tasks should be carried out to become and remain GDPR complaints. They also have to create a clear outline of who is doing what and when. Everything should be scheduled appropriately to make sure things are taken care of. We have gathered a number[...]