How to Plan for the Best Education System in the World


Are you tired of ineffective and unorganized planning at your institution? Want to know why the Scandinavian countries have the best education system in the world? In this article, I will share with you three important points for more effective planning of educational activities.

So, how did the Scandinavians create the best educations system in the world? Most of us know how big of a hassle it can be to plan and coordinate activities in an engaging and inclusive way. However, realising the importance of successful and well-organised planning saves time, effort and money.

The main challenge is how to communicate your term, holiday and closure dates etc. in an easy and seamless way.

So how do you make sure that your planning efforts are not gonna be a waste of time? I want to emphasize three important points:

3 Steps Towards the Best Education System

  • Plan activities in a cyclical manner
  • Coordinate Activities across departments
  • Share plans in an interactive way

In order to achieve a world-class education system, many Danish, Swedish and Norwegian universities have realised the importance of these 3 points and their findings are elaborated below. At Plandisc we have made it our personal mission to reduce complexity in the educational planning process. Try out our free planning tool here.

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Plan your Activities in a Cyclical Manner

You are probably wondering how the Scandinavian countries have succeeded in having the best education system in the world. What is the common denominator? Well, for one thing, they are all familiar with the term “årshjul” which roughly translate into “year wheel”.

A digital year wheel is illustrated in the picture on the right with the example of a school planning their yearly activities. In the year wheel, it is possible to include term and holiday dates, planned projects, school trips etc.


When you start planning activities in a cyclical manner you will realise that it gives your users an overview of the whole period in one glance. Using Plandisc there is no need to switch between pages or scroll up and down a page to find what you are looking for.

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Coordinate Activities across Departments

Oftentimes you have several departments involved in the planning the academic school year and the coordination between these departments can be tricky.

It can be difficult to implement a standardised way and the departments might plan in very different ways. As a result, the plans might end up on different pages on the intranet and some activities might even be overlapping.

With Plandisc, it is possible to include activities of several departments in the same wheel. Hence, you get the full overview on one page and suddenly coordination issues are a problem of yesterday.

Share your Plan in an Interactive Way

A large part of the educational sector in Scandinavia have realised that in order to provide the best education system in the world, it is crucial to be effectively communicating your plans to different stakeholders.

Plandisc was founded by a Danish teacher who found it difficult to effectively communicate his planned activities to students, colleagues and parents. With the tool, you get the possibility to embed your Plandisc on both intranet and webpage as illustrated below.

Plandisc is currently being used in a lot of circumstances and industries. It is being used in schools, universities, HR departments, sports associations, project management, board of directors etc. The possibilities are endless.

However, the main vision is and always will be, to create a seamless and effective overview of planned activities. This vision has contributed to helping Scandinavians create the best education system in the world.