Use Embed Calendar of PLANDISC to Create Annual Planning Cycle

Annual planning cycle is important part of every successful company or organization’s functioning since it clearly states the most important tasks, functions and obligations that will need to be used or performed that year. PLANDISC’s planning tool enables you to create visually simple circular annual plans.

You Can Start from Scratch or Use a Template

When you first start using PLANDISC’s planning tool for creating annual planning cycle, you might want to choose from one of readily available templates, just to get the idea on how the system works. One calendar consists of rings, and each of these rings represents one important cornerstone of your business or organization, whether it is an event, project, funding source or something similar.

You can start with few rings to cover the basic aspects of your business or organization, but you can also add as many rings as you need to make a complete and detailed yearly planning cycle. Each ring can be colored differently and you can also add specific color to fields that cover the times of the year when your events are active, or when it’s time to start or close your projects.

Share and Embed Calendar for Your Annual Plan

PLANDICSC’s planning tool allows you to attach all kinds of documents, such as MS Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations. When sharing your annual planning cycle, you are also sharing these documents, so that’s why you need to choose who’ll have access to your full planning cycle.

As a means of easier visual understanding, planning tool enables you to represent your annual plan in circular format, but also in a more standard, table format. You can share and embed calendar you created using planning tool through company intranet, or you can display it on your company or organization’s website.

Setting up Clear Goals

By using an option to embed calendar and show it to both your employees and stakeholders (or to general public if you’re an organization), you’re creating a more positive environment where every goal is clearly set. This way your employees will know when to expect tasks and why. While your stakeholders will be able to give you immediate impute regarding any of your estimates that perhaps don’t match their expectations.

You also have an option to print out your annual planning cycle calendar and hang it somewhere in your workspace, so that goals and achievements you’re striving to are visible to everyone involved.