How to stay one step ahead with your campaign planning

paa-forkant-med-dine-marketingkampagner. faa overblik over opgaver med et digitalt aarsjul

For many marketing employees, it can be overwhelming to think of all the future marketing initiatives. To get an overview of both the fixed yearly campaigns and more pontaneous campaigns requires that you have a dynamic digital solution. Here, we address how to stay on top of the planning of important activities. 

When is the next yearly campaign? Which events can i use in my marketing efforts? Precisely which tasks should be carried out when to meet market changes?

These are questions that marketing employees ask themselves every day. In this regard, a digital circle calendar provides a complete overview compared with other more traditional solutions.

With a digital circle calendar. You can comprehend all of the important areas i the planning process.

4 benefits of the digital circle calendar

  • Strategic planning: a visual tool for planning cyclic activities within the organisation
  • Share the overview: It is easy to share the annual plan with relevant stakeholders and employees.
  • Beautiful templates: with the many good looking templates you dont have to start from zero.
  • Attach files: extend your circle calendar with attached files that includes detailed descriptions.

Get the complete picture with a digital circle calendar

The reason why more and more a likely to use to circular format is that it provides a unique possibility to comprehend all tasks and responsibilities at one glance.

Whereas a calendar or a Gannt Chart fills out more pages, a circle calendar provides a complete picture including all important details. The features in the tool includes zoomin as well as the possibility to attach files.


Try it for free and get on a roll

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