Easy management of GDPR processes with a circle calendar

easy management of GDPR processes with a digital circle calendar

For organizations, it is not enough to be on top of which tasks should be carried out to become and remain GDPR complaints. They also have to create a clear outline of who is doing what and when. Everything should be scheduled appropriately to make sure things are taken care of.

We have gathered a number of tips of how the planning of data handling can be streamlined and simplify GDPR-related work.

Different types of GDPR tasks in the same structure

First and foremost, it is beneficial to use a planning tool that functions as a calendar. In this regard, a digital circle calendar is ideal, as all of the activities can be structured and categorized based on the areas of concern or responsibility.

In the interactive planning tool, it is easy to separate different types of tasks from each other by means of activity rings. For instance, activities, which has to do with either the handling of customer databases, email lists or salary, get their own ring in the structure. In this way, the complete overview is provided. Furthermore, it is possible to make use of a template that includes all of the essential activity rings.

Example of a digital circle calendar
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Easy delegation with a circle calendar

With a digital circle calendar, the overall control of GDPR processes can be streamlined. Amongst others, this can happen by assigning tasks to the responsible and by making sure reminder emails are sent out to the involved prior to the deadlines.

Besides, the solution functions as a management tool, where tasks can be marked with a red or a green label, for instance, which indicates whether the task is completed, urgent etc..

On top of that, all the related descriptions of how the tasks are completed can be attached to each activity.


We at Plandisc wish you the best of luck with planning your compliance tasks.

Disclaimer: The content of this article is not legal advice and are for general information purposes only.