How to stay one step ahead with your campaign planning

For many marketing employees, it can be overwhelming to think of all the future marketing initiatives. To get an overview of both the fixed yearly campaigns and more pontaneous campaigns requires that you have a dynamic digital solution. Here, we address how to stay on top of the planning of important activities.  When is the[...]

5 Tools to Keep Complex Inbound Marketing Strategies Under Control

The right tools can help keep complex marketing strategies under control. Here are five of the best management tools you’ll find anywhere As we talk with inbound marketers, we’ve noticed a common theme come up in conversation. They’re always on the lookout for helpful, new tools to help them keep their marketing campaigns running smoother.[...]

An Alternative to Clunky Gantt Charts for Marketing Campaigns

Circular planning helps make a complex marketing campaign simple to understand, while avoiding the drawbacks of a Gantt chart. Marketing strategies can get pretty complex, especially if you’re planning a comprehensive campaign for more than a quarter. To keep it under control and running smoothly, you need to capture multiple layers of activity, by multiple[…]

How to Use Plandisc To Plan Your Marketing Calendar

Using Plandisc may seem a little different than some of the planning tools you are used to. Instead of making your plan more complex, Plandisc simplifies it by working the way you do. The example below is a go-to-market plan that was created by digital marketing agency for an real client in the healthcare industry.[…]

What Can the Danish Teach Us About Marketing Planning?

This Elegant Scandinavian Planning Technique Can Help Simplify and Clarify Complex Marketing Plans  Those of you who have been using Plandisc for a while are familiar with the unique Danish concept of circular planning called årshjul. (if you’re not, you can read more about it here.) It’s cyclical nature and clear visualization make it easy[…]