Why is effective communication important

Why Is Effective Communication Important?

The benefits of effective communication and the cost of miscommunication in an organisation If you want to get a feel of Plandisc, you can sign up for a free trial here. The critical problem, which can also be recognized, is that while surveys around the world continue to confirm the importance of effective communication in the[...]
Best Education System

How to Plan for the Best Education System in the World

Are you tired of ineffective and unorganized planning at your institution? Want to know why the Scandinavian countries have the best education system in the world? In this article, I will share with you three important points for more effective planning of educational activities. So, how did the Scandinavians create the best educations system in[...]
Digitalt årshjul til organisationer.

Evaluate directly in Plandisc

Why is it important to evaluate? It is commonly known that it is a good idea to evaluate on activities in the organization, but why is it so important? There can be a long time from making the annual plan 2019 until you make the annual plan 2020. During that period of time, a large[...]
How A HR Manager can improve performance

How An HR Manager Can Improve Performance

Low performance is a persistent problem for an HR Manager, but simple changes can make a big difference If you want to get a feel of Plandisc, you can sign up for a free trial here. An important aspect of working as an HR Manager is to improve employee performance. When you as an HR manager[...]

5 features you may not have used in your Plandisc

Get the most out of your Plandisc Complete your Plandisc with these features. Plandisc has a lot of features which you may not have explored that can help with planning and productivity. From visualizing company-wide road maps, all the way to planning activities and events throughout the year, and much more! Have you been making[...]

Embed your plandisc on your intranet

Collaborate towards the same goal It is important that all departments in a company know about their mission and vision, and at least as important: how do we achieve the goal? There must be a common understanding of how the company achieves progress and what the plan for the year is. This can be accommodated[...]