News: Now You Can Combine Your Operating Plan with a Circular Calendar

Plandisc users have requested the option to add an extra dimension in the form of an integrated calendar to their calendardisc. Now it is here: The world´s first digital circle calendar! It helps organisations and institutions to obtain an even more complete overview by combining the calendardisc (including all the planned activities) with a unique circular calendar on[...]
The world's first digital circle calendar - Now it is possible to combine your calendardisc, calendar and site

Now You Can Combine Your Operating Plan and Calendar on Your Site

Plandisc´s new feature, the circle calendar, allows you to add an extra dimension to your calendardisc by adding a unique calendar that displays each daily activity. So far, it's been possible to see events on a weekly level, but now the overview will be even more complete. This means that  it is not only the[...]

Scheduling Meetings with the Benefit of an Interactive Operating Plan

Create Transparency across Your Organization through Effective Planning An essential part of the planning carried out by the board is to outline which meetings should be hosted when and for what purpose. In this respect, it is beneficial to streamline the workflow by coordinating the plan with other areas of work. With an interactive operating[...]

How the Board can Create Value with the Benefit of Plandisc

How an Interactive Planning Tool can Support the Management’s Value Creation Effective planning of the board of directors is an important precondition for the creation of value. In that respect, more organizations have discovered the benefits of using Plandisc’s interactive circular plan in creating a coherent and coordinated operating plan. In this post you get[...]

5 Tools to Keep Complex Inbound Marketing Strategies Under Control

The right tools can help keep complex marketing strategies under control. Here are five of the best management tools you’ll find anywhere As we talk with inbound marketers, we’ve noticed a common theme come up in conversation. They’re always on the lookout for helpful, new tools to help them keep their marketing campaigns running smoother.[...]

How to Plan a Successful Interdisciplinary Thematic Unit at Your School

Teaching a successful interdisciplinary thematic unit depends on strategic planning up front. Follow these best practices for success. Many schools are realizing the rich learning experiences that interdisciplinary thematic units can provide to students. But planning and coordinating a multidisciplinary learning experience can be a daunting proposition. The success of your interdisciplinary thematic unit depends[…]