GDPR and Ongoing Controls

Even though the 25th of May has come and gone, the process of GDPR is far from over. GDPR is an ongoing process, that continues year after year. The data protection directive requires small as well as bigger corporations to comply with the data security regulations. The corporation can benefit from setting up business protocols,[...]

Easy management of GDPR processes with a circle calendar

For organizations, it is not enough to be on top of which tasks should be carried out to become and remain GDPR compliants. They also have to create a clear outline of who is doing what and when. Everything should be scheduled appropriately to make sure things are taken care of. We have gathered a number[...]

Save Time with 5 Tips for Effective Planning

Many people are asking themselves this question; "How can I get a little more time every day so that I can get things done on a daily basis? This is not only the case for our private lives but also in terms os the strategic goals defined at work. Most organizations make an effort of increasing productivity through[...]
Increase productivity with the right collaboration software

Increase Productivity with the Right Collaboration Software

Two Important Requirements of Digital Solutions to Increase Productivity In today’s organizations, the daily workflow is increasingly fast-paced, and for many organizations it is challenging to achieve their goals of promoting productivity. For the same reason, it has become common to put a lot of effort in improving group dynamics and make use of software[...]

News: Now You Can Combine Your Operating Plan with a Circular Calendar

Plandisc users have requested the option to add an extra dimension in the form of an integrated calendar to their Plandisc. Now it is here: The world´s first digital circle calendar! It helps organisations and institutions to obtain an even more complete overview by combining the Plandisc (including all the planned activities) with a unique circular calendar on their[...]
The world's first digital circle calendar - Now it is possible to combine your calendardisc, calendar and site

Complete Overview with the New Calendar Integration in Your Plandisc

Plandisc´s new feature, the circle calendar, allows you to add an extra dimension to your Plandisc by adding a unique calendar that displays each daily activity. So far, it's been possible to see events on a weekly level, but now the overview will be even more complete. This means that  it is not only the planned[...]