Choose Your Plandisc Demo

Choose Your Plandisc Demo

Which Plandisc demo suits your needs?

Plandisc is, if we may say so ourselves, a fantastic tool!

Do you have questions about Plandisc? Want to learn more about how it works and get a better understanding of what our digital planning tool can do? Or do you need help with a specific issue? No matter where you are in your Plandisc journey, someone from our support team will help you figure it out. Book a personal demo to get started.

Choose your Plandisc demo below. There are two types, depending on which type of assistance you require. Both are free and last approximately 30 minutes.

I'm a New User

  • I have started my free trial and want to learn more about the tool
  • I am interested in Plandisc, but I do not have an account
  • I have an old Plandisc account and want to get an update on new features

I Have a Plandisc Account

  • I have a Plandisc account and am looking to get support
  • I use Plandisc but want to get onboarding to learn more
  • I am the admin of a Plandisc account and have questions about my role