10. January 2019

5 features you may not have used in your Plandisc

Circular Calendar

Get the most out of your Plandisc

Complete your Plandisc with these features.

Plandisc has a lot of features which you may not have explored that can help with planning and productivity. From visualizing company-wide road maps, all the way to planning activities and events throughout the year, and much more!

Have you been making the best out of Plandisc to help you be more productive? Here are 5 most significant features to help you in your workday, below.

1. Sharing activity rings in Plandisc

Share the activity rings from marketing with sales so you can plan and organize the big events and activities across the departments, whilst taking each other’s needs into account.

Marketing and sales each make a ring in Plandisc which gives a joined overview of the planning.

A combined interactive Plandisc

2. Embed your Plandisc on your site

Embed your Plandisc on your site so all departments have acess to the planned activities and events throughout the year. This gives every part of the organisation an overview and insight into the company.

With a password you can choose who you share your Plandisc with.

Embed your Plandisc

3. Label your activities

In Plandisc you can also mark your activities with labels and in that way categorize the activities with various colors.  Example: every color can illustrate different associates: Susan is responsible for the yellow activities.

You can easily get an overview of who’s responsible for which activities.

Label activities with various colors

4. Add your calendar to your Plandisc

You can also incorporate your own calendar into your Plandisc to get a better view of your everyday throughout the year. Now you are not just able to plan on monthly or weekly basis but down to a specific day of the year.

Create meetings with a reminder so you won’t forget the most important things in your everyday.

Design your calendar in Plandisc

5. Add your Outlook calendar into your Plandisc

As our newest feature you are now able to add your Outlook calendar into your circular calender in Plandisc. In this way you can easily transfer your plans from Outlook into your digital circular calendar.

Ease up your everyday with Outlook and Plandisc.

Plandisc Outlook Add-in

By using the features mentioned above you will get more out of your Plandisc and this will bring a significant value to your company.

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