an Annual Operating Plan for strategic circular planning within f.inst. the management group, the board of directors, or the association – together with a number of templates for an Annual Operating Plan.

A Planning Cycle from Plandisc will give you an overall view of the annual activities of the company

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Here you will find a template for a Planning Cycle or you can create your own Planning cycle.

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With an Annual Operating Plan you will get a planning tool providing you with an overall view. You will also get
With a planning cycle you will get a tool providing you with an overall view.

An Planning cycle is describing the tasks for a certain part of the organization, such as the board of directors or the management group, as well as a specific function in the organization, f.inst. the budgetary and financial controlling system

The Annual Operating Plan formed as a planning cycle contains the main activities and main topics within the various areas. To a certain extent, we will see a number of Annual Operating Plan interacting and therefore be depending on each other.

Several organizations are asking for Experience Groups working across the organization. To know each other’s a planning cycle is a simple way of exchanging experience as well as being inspired.

Therefore, we recommend creation of a planning cycle for the areas with some kind of cyclic activity in order to secure a connection with other conditions within the organization. For the creation of your Planning Cycle we recommend using one of our templates. You will find our templates for your Planning Cycle, when you have signed in.

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