Plandisc displays the entire year in cycle

Plandisc displays the entire year in cycle

Circular Calendar

The cyclical overview of the Plandisc circular calendar displays an entire year at a glance.

The multiple ring format of the Plandisc circular calendar incorporates main activities and themes among categories for clear organization wide visualization. This tool enables transparency and coordination across the organization, leading to more knowledge-sharing and inspiration. Use one of our many versatile templates to design the right circular calendar for your organization.

Rhythm of business

Although all industries and sectors have activities which are repeated every year, a new calendar year often mean starting the planning process all over from scratch despite the fact everyone in the organization already knows much of what’s coming up again in the year. But now an increasingnumber of organizations recognize the advantages of an interactive digital circular calendar over a and time-consuming static annual plan. Instead, they choose to optimize their valuable time with Plandisc!.

The year cycle

Use the year cycle to optimize and streamline your organization’s annual activities. With the year-at-aglance format of a Plandisc circular calendar, it is easy to incorporate the new activities, campaigns, and tasks around those fixed annually. While the creative marketing department will have brand new campaigns to design, the Easter campaign and January sales are fixed every year. Likewise, the finance department will have new work to schedule among fixed cyclical activities such as VAT settlments, quarterly statements oand annual accounts.

Break down organizational siloes

A Plandisc circular calendar generates organizational transparency which helps break down the silent siloes within an organization. The multiple rings of the Plandisc circular calendar enable you to visualize a section, department, or branch at a glance. The Plandisc circular calendar easily embeds in an intranet, Microsoft Teams, or Sharepoint providing everyone with clear insight into what is happening across the organization.

Plandisc annual planner