From Outlook Calendar to Strategic Circular Calendar

From Outlook Calendar to Strategic Circular Calendar

4 ways Outlook and The Circular Calendar Provides Value

Microsoft Features in The Circular Calendar

In Plandisc we aim towards integrating fully with Microsofts products. The circular calendar synchronization with Outlook is yet another step in the right direction. It is already an option to embed the circular calendar in Microsoft Sharepoint and Teams, which are widely used tools in organizations and educational institutions.

Stakeholders can access Sharepoint and Teams and access the interactive calendar and hover over plans and see the attached files. It is, in addition, possible to edit the calendar directly from Teams.

  • Access the circular calendar from Sharepoint and Teams
  • Edit the calendar from Teams
  • Get a run-through of how Plandisc’s integrations provide value
  • See the tutorials which educates you in the use

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How The Circular Calendar and Outlook Works

Get a quick run-through of how you create value by synchronizing Outlook and the circular calendar.