30. August 2015

Marketing Plan in a Planning Cycle

A marketing plan should not only mention the goals you would like to reach. It should also explain how and when you are going to execute them.

It is obvious to use a Planning Cycle for the tasks, which are to be performed, and for when they have to be performed. Without the Plan, you will easily find yourself caught in the daily routines.

You can add more categories/circles to the same Planning Cycle. Every marketing plan contains a detailed forecast. Obviously, your estimated costs for marketing purposes should be seen in relation to the estimated sales. It is then possible for you to add a circle dealing with the financial aspect only. In this way, you will be able to visualize your marketing forecast – the activities and the financial aspect in the Planning Cycle.

Create a marketing plan

The marketing activities of different sales channels or markets. Several marketing plans are having a differentiated strategy according to which sales channel or market the company is operating on.

With this Planning Cycle you are able to create a marketing plan, where each market has its own circle. Especially in those organizations, where each market has its own marketing division, you will get a clear picture of where they overlap – this will help you when looking at the exploitation of the synergies. Exchange of experience and inspiration is what all organizations demand.

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A Planning Cycle is available to all stakeholders of an organization will meet this demand by contributing to an increased exchange of experience.


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