30. August 2015

Planning cycle

A Planning Cycle describes the annual activities of a certain part of an organization, the school, the board of directors or the management group.

How to use a Planning cycle

With this planning cycle it is possible for each section of the organization to have its own circle in the Annual Operating Plan – f.inst. the management group, the finance committee etc.

In this way, the Annual Operating Plan will contain the most important activities of an organization and thereby give the stakeholders an overall view.

The remaining part of the organization could benefit from knowing the actual annual business plans – the Annual Operating Plan makes this possible, if you choose to share it.

At the same time, the planning cycle will tell you when and how the various activities interact and in this way make it possible to exploit the synergies within the organization.

Exchange experience and to get inspired

Many organizations request Experience Groups.

To know each other’s annual business plan is a simple way to exchange experience and to get inspired.

Therefore, we recommend that you create a Planning Cycle in the areas with cyclic activities in order to secure a context between other conditions of the organization.

circular planning

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