Book a Personal Demo

Book a Personal Demo

Learn how to map the rhythm of your business in Plandisc—and why it’s beneficial to do so

This is a personal demo for people who are new to Plandisc and wish to get introduced to the basics. It will also benefit those who have not used the annual planner in a while and want to brush up on their knowledge.

Are you already a Plandisc user and need help with a specific issue? Book a support meeting here.

In this demo we will cover:

  • How plandisc can strengthen collaboration.
  • How plandisc creates transparency and thereby breaks down silos within the organization.
  • What we mean by a digital and interactive annual planner.
  • How Plandisc can be adapted to fit different industries.
  • The difference between planning in Excel and Plandisc.
  • How you can add a meeting directly from Outlook.

A demo lasts approximately 30 minutes, is free of charge and non-binding to participate in.

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