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Are you looking for a useful Liturgical calendar for 2019?  In this article, I will show you how to do it.

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The liturgical calendar, also denominated liturgical cycle, is the name that receives the organization of the diverse times and solemnities during the year in the Christian Churches.

The Holy writings herald the acts of worship, the different prayers that are prayed, as well as the liturgical colours used in the dress of the celebrant. Although the dates of the celebrations vary somewhat among the different Christian Churches, the sequence and logic used for their planning are essentially the same. The Christmas and Easter times are the most important festivities for the Christian calendar.

Many differences are between the liturgical calendars. The Anglican, Orthodox and Catholic Churches present liturgical calendars with important participation of celebrations in honour of the Virgin Mary and other saints, which is not verified in equal measure in the calendars of the Protestant Churches.

The liturgical year are used to have a circular cycle consisting of some periods like Christmas, Advent, Pre-Lenten Season, Period Of Lent, Easter Triduum, Easter-tide and the ordinary time. All of these periods are characterised by different colours. The Liturgical calendar is based on green, white, violet, white, black and gold.

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New Liturgical Calendar for 2019
In order to plan your customise liturgical calendar every year, we offer you to use a calendar tool like Plandisc. Some important features that Plandisc offer is the customisation of the rings, the option of share the plandisc easily and the possibility to print in different sizes the liturgical calendar for your parish. Also, you can use our template for your liturgical calendar.

An important benefit of employing liturgical calendar from today is that will be more easy to create the next years because all the information is saved every year. Plandisc is a powerful tool that is a very safe timer of these administrative tasks.

You are welcome to create your liturgical calendar of 2019 using the Plandisc tool and check that we offer you a month free trial. Let’s check how easy is to build your plandisc!

Plandisc is currently being used in a lot of circumstances and industries. It is being used in churches, schools, universities, HR departments, sports associations, project management, the board of directors etc. The possibilities are endless.

However, the main vision is and always will be, to create a seamless and effective overview of planned activities.
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