HR management with Plandisc

Establish a cyclical calendar for human resources (HR)

Why is HR cyclical?

The HR cycle (see plandisc below) refers to the different stages employees go though during their employment time in a specific company (Attraction, recruitment, onboarding, enablement, development, retention, and seperation).

The HR department plays an impotant role in every stage of the HR cycle, and because all new hires go through the same stages, HR might as well create their department calendar based on the cycle. Thus, a HR calendar fits perfectly in a circular calendar, as it visualizes the cyclical processes. Sign up for a free trial to create a circular HR calendar.

See an example of a cyclical HR calendar.

How to create a HR calendar in 5 steps

1. Identify the HR cycle in your company
All HR departments have certain activities that need to happen at specific points in time. It’s all about finding the rythm and understanding the team’s processes and time schedules. When do you usually recruit? Do you have employee interviews at a specific point in time? Bonuses?

2. Improve it
Compare your cycle with the HR cycle in the plandisc above. Does your department remember all stages? Is there any stages where you could do better? Identify the stages you can improve, and plan activities to do so.

3. Visualize the HR calendar
It’s important that HR calendar is easy to read for everyone and provides a great overview of the year. A circular calendar is perfect for this visualization, since you can view the whole year at a glance. Furthermore, you can embed it on your intranet to keep everyone updated. See an example below.

4. Get feedback
This step is important — remember to obtain feedback from your team! Remember that some of your coworkers might come up with some good advice to make the plan even more efficient.

5. Implement the HR calendar
Make sure that your team knows what to expect and when to expect it. It’s important that everyone on the team are alligned with the new goals and deadlines, so they can prioritize the most important activities at the right time. When you and your team agree on it, share the HR calendar with other counterparts and shareholders in order to strengthen cooperation and relationships.

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