Embed Calendar to Get Clear Representation of Annual Operation Plan

An operational plan is simply an outline of tactical and strategic intentions for your business to achieve in order to become – or remain a success. A good plan will describe in detail all of the milestones and conditions for success your business will achieve. In addition, a thorough operating plan will explain how each operation will be put into play during a given period. This time period may be a fiscal year, for example, if associated with a commercial application or an entire calendar year if working with another type of plan. PLANDISC makes developing your business’s annual operating plan fun and easy.


Functional Design of PLANDISC

Good operational plans work to establish the activities to be completed and to justify the budget needed for each part of the organization. With PLANDISC, this can easily be achieved when you embed calendar that can extend over the next 1 – 5 years. Seeing each milestone as a visual representation of the action itself allows important leaders the ability to quickly assess and deliver the resources required to turn the operational plan into an organization’s action plan.

What Can You Track on PLANDISC?

An operational plan pulls directly from the agency’s strategic plans to define the duties and goals, program intentions, and the activities to be executed by the organization.

From the strategic plan, an organization should address four primary questions in the operation plan:

  1. What is the present state of the organization?
  2. Where should we be in 1, 5 or 10 years?
  3. How can we achieve our objectives?
  4. What measurements will we use to track our progress?

Once you embed calendar, with the PLANDISC planning tool, each of these questions can be monitored in each planning cycle, as a whole or individually. Your business may choose to add specific components of their operations plan such as the activities to be delivered, the quality standards for each objective, desired outcomes, implementation timetables, staffing and resource requirements. Hence embed calendar in the PLANDISC and give your organization a clear process for monitoring each goal’s progress.

planning-cycleSharing the PLANDISC

PLANDISC operational plans are best prepared by persons who will be implementing the recommendations made. At times, however, there will be a need for dialogue across departments. Inevitably, operational plans generated by one part of the organization will impact others. PLANDISC makes this interaction easy.  With this customizable planning tool, clear objectives can be mapped out, accomplishments to be delivered clearly are defined and implementation timetables can be made clearly visible to everyone who shares the PLANDISC after you embed calendar. Add levels or circles to your organization’s operating plan as the needs arise and maintain the PLANDISC’s accuracy by attaching relevant files along the way.