The Evolution of Planning Tools

Why Plandisc’s Elegant Cyclical Design Makes Sense

daytimer2As our lives become more chaotic and technology becomes more prevalent, I find myself constantly seeking more and better ways to manage my time. For me, it started with a basic pocket diary, which quickly evolved into the “Day Timer.” The Day Timer eventually gave way to the digital age and I moved on to the “Palm Pilot”. Before too long, smartphones took over and I had countless planning and productivity apps and tools at my disposal. All of them promise a more orderly life- and some delivered- but too often, understanding the technology required to manage them, was more hassle than creating my plan.

Why has planning gotten more complicated? Why can’t is be easier?

Historically, calendars used for planning usually fall into three types: Most pre-modern calendars are lunisolar. The Islamic and some Buddhist calendars are lunar, while most modern calendars are solar, based on either the Julian or the Gregorian calendars. (You can learn more here The History of Planning Calendars.) It’s strange though how many our modern planning tools in the west overlook their inherently cyclical nature and represent themselves visually in a linear manner.

That all works when you have time to thumb through pages, or scroll through multiple screens to see “the big picture.” However, in our increasingly mobile world, visualizing the entire project on an iPhone is virtually impossible.

See and Share You Plandisc and Keep Your Whole Team Informed.

Plandisc changes all that. It’s traditional Scandinavian cyclical display is ideal for seeing how various components of your plan overlap, interact and intersect in one visual platform. More importantly, the technology behind Plandisc allow you to share this vision with all your team-members, in real time, from any web-connected device.

Post a production schedule on your intranet. Post media calendars on your website. Anyone who you’ve allowed to create a ring can make adjustments to their section of the Plandisc and – with your approval – they can populate the live Plandisc in real-time.  This keeps everyone up to date and well-informed. No more emails to update a calendar. The projects, and all of its key elements, events and deadlines, are in front of them in bold colors!

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