30. August 2015

Check List for the Annual Operating Plan

You could add the following elements to your Annual Operating Plan:

  • Forecast
  • Follow-up on budget
  • Preparation of annual report
  • Staff appraisals
  • Christmas Party
  • Political requests for results or for priority of efforts in the local authorities f.inst.
  • Seasonal considerations – f.inst.
  • Peak season periods (the travel industry)
  • International fairs (the fashion industry)
  • Staff conference
  • Board meeting
  • Quarterly management meetings
  • Staff meetings
  • Budget
  • Propositions you have to await before you can make certain decisions.
  • Profit goal of group to companies in the group
  • Preparation of the Annual Operating Plan for the following year
  • Strategy
  • Performance contract
  • Business plan
  • Operational objectives
  • Requests from the authorities regarding deadlines for reports
  • Beginning of a new quarter (the finance sector)
  • Annual report or interim report right before the summer holidays
  • Kick-off activity just after the summer holidays
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