30. August 2015

Annual Planning Cycle in a Day Care

Our Planning Cycle could be a perfect planning tool in a Day Care – because just like holidays and seasons are changing, there will be activities in a Day Care, which will frequently occur or will occur with fixed intervals in some sort of yearly cycle.

The teaching staff could use the planning cycle as a tool regarding the tasks and the controlling.

That goes for f.inst. budgeting, follow-up on budget, educational business plan, preparation of the annual report, staff meetings, employee appraisals, staff days, etc.

Inspiration Annual Operating Plan

We would now like to give you some inspiration as to how a board and a management group could work with an Annual Operating Plan, which is providing the framework for implementation of strategies, projects, follow-up on operational objectives etc.

For the management group and the board of directors an Annual Operation Plan may thus be the strategical and tactical tool of the year.


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