30. August 2015

Planning Cycle for the Board of Directors

The work of the board of directors typically spreads over a year and involves many stakeholders. Therefore, it is important that all stakeholders are able to follow the work of the board in the Planning Cycle, as it progresses.

Often a board of directors is not present in the company on a daily basis and it therefore requires effective digital solutions to make it easy to organize the board’s work.

The Planning Cycle makes it possible to plan the board’s work and to make it accessible to the parties involved.

The Planning cycle enables the board of directors always to log in to see the planned activities and at the same time to up-date the notes for each activity.

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More levels in the same Annual Operation Plan

With regard to a strategy process, it is of great importance that a Planning cycle is being created in order for the stakeholders to know the plan and the deadlines.

With the Planning Cycle it is possible for the board to work with more levels in the same Planning cycle. It makes it easy to get an overall view and for the Chairman of the Board to follow-up.


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