How the Board can Create Value with the Benefit of Plandisc

Value creation with the help of Plandisc

How an Interactive Planning Tool can Support the Management’s Value Creation

Effective planning of the board of directors is an important precondition for the creation of value. In that respect, more organizations have discovered the benefits of using Plandisc’s interactive circular plan in creating a coherent and coordinated operating plan. In this post you get a number of great tips for integrating a digital planning tool and enhance value creation.

Today, value creation is a key point in the board of director’s daily work. Effective planning is vital, so that the many diverse responsibilities and duties can be structured in the best possible manner.  In this regard, a digital circular operating plan is an ideal tool to ensure a flow that prioritizes transparency, coherence and effectiveness.

The CEO of ASNET Board (a Danish network of board members), Henrik Nielsen, is one of the advocates recommending Plandisc for supporting the creation of value.

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“The planning – and visualization toolfrom Plandisc is the best I have seen. It can certainly be used to strengthen the board’s creation of value.
First you get the idea that it’s “just” useful for visualizing the board’s annual plan. However, the more you get to know the tool, you discover the many features – i.e., the feature that enables you to create links between the many  duties in the organization – board meetings, projects etc.”

Henrik Nielsen, CEO, ASNET Board.

Following up Continuously with Plandisc

To ensure that all important duties are accomplished and the work flow is maintained, it is recommended by ex. the consultancy, Hildebrandt og Brandi, that status reports are used as means to follow up. With a circular operating plan from Plandisc it is possible to update the plan continuously based on the current priorities. Moreover, in relation to the follow-up, you can bennefit from the possibility to attach reports to the plan to ensure all involved get the complete picture of details and outcomes.

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Coordinate Planned Activities Between Members and Stakeholders

Another area, which is considered an important precondition for the board’s value creation, is the close collaboration between ex. members, owners and directors.

With regard to this, ASNET Board’s Henrik Nielsen mentions that Plandisc simplifies the provision of a complete picture of all activities across the organization. In this way, Plandisc create the right circumstances for planning in collaboration with others.

To coordinate in an efficient manner and to provide clarity, the board can use Plandisc for sharing the circular operating plan and each activity ring in the plan. In this way, you promote the dynamism of the responsibilities, and you avoid information getting lost or inconvenient overlapping of activities.

Why a planning tool is important

Embedding Circular Operating Plan on Your Intranet or Site

Despite the fact that you can promote the collaboration, Plandisc, in addition, is an ideal tool for providing your organization with insights into results of efforts. With Plandisc’s embedding feature you can upload the interactive operating plan to your organization’s site. Thereby, everyone in the organization can easily access the plan and the attached files and in this way get a complete picture of the daily work of the board.