1. March 2016


How do I make a plandisc ?

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How to insert a Circle Calendar (Calendar disc)

How to insert an activity disc

How to create a meeting/event in the circular calendar

How to send a calendar invite

The difference between individual meetings and meetings belonging in an activity

Microsoft Outlook Add-in

Outlook versions we integrate with:
(If Outlook is used with an on-premise exchange server, it is a requirement to use Exchange 2019.)

Outlook 2019 for Windows
Outlook 2019 for Mac
Outlook 2016 (Click-to-Run) for Windows
Outlook 2016 for Mac (with a slightly limited functionality)
Outlook on the web (Office 365 and Outlook.com)
Outlook Web App

Outlook versions we do not integrate with:

Outlook 2016 (MSI) for Windows
Outlook 2013 for Windows
Outlook for iPhone
Outlook for Android
Any Outlook client connected to Exchange 2013 on-premises
Any Outlook client connected to Exchange 2016 on-premises

Microsoft Teams - Plandisc

Get a password for your calendardisc on public display

Insert your calendardisc on your website

Integrate your calendardisc to PowerPoint

How to attach files

How to change colors in your circular plan

How to send a calendar invitation

Move or delete a ring in your circular plan

How to share a ring with other users

Change the text or ring size in your circular plan

Change the cell size (week vs day)

Make a title to each ring in your circular plan

Weekly schedule in your circular plan

Show your calendardisc as a list view

Share your plandisc with other users

Mark activities with labels

Upload your own logo

How to use due date and get a reminder email

Change font size

Add user to your Enterprise License

Categorize your plandiscs

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