Embed a Circular Calendar

Circular calendar templates from plandisc.com are used to keep track of small, medium, and large projects. They are integral to developing and tracking the tasks of operation plans, training schedules, campaigns, fundraising projects, and just about any enterprise you can name.

A circular calendar lets you see the salient points of your enterprise at both the starting and finishing points of a period of time. Your enterprise may span across a calendar or fiscal year timeframe or for a 12-week period. And you can customize your circular calendar to accommodate whatever period you need it to.

Making your Circular Calendar Uniquely Yours

The cloud-based circular calendar is completely customizable. You determine the content, the labels, the colors, and how you use each cell and ring. Decide the days, weeks, and/or months to be used in your calendar. Add or remove levels (concentric rings) from the template, as you need. Highlight critical dates and objectives in distinctive colors and fonts. Update cells as you reach benchmark points and complete tasks. Your circular calendar is pliable, not static.

As a contributor in a large organization or enterprise, data from your circular calendar may be combined with calendar data from other individuals and groups to form a master calendar. That master calendar is as adaptable for the larger enterprise as is your own calendar.

Diverse Dissemination

Your customized, content-completed circular calendar is more than a software-based template on your notebook. It can be augmented and disseminated in various ways.

Add your calendar to an Excel spreadsheet, Word document or PowerPoint presentation – or attach any of those files to your calendar. The adaptability of plandisc.com templates makes your circular calendar functional and interactive for your and other stakeholders’ purposes.

Functionality continues when you disseminate your calendar throughout your organization via your Intranet, on your home page, or in print. Embed your calendar in the working tools of a master plan so that it easily “travels” along with other functioning components, keeping you on track and helping you stay on schedule.

Let’s say that your company has published a corporate circular calendar in its Intranet. That embedded calendar can be periodically updated as objectives are achieved or changed, new dates are added, and no longer useful data is removed. Always know what is the most current set of dates and priorities – just by checking the calendar embedded on your company’s Intranet.

Are you looking to influence key decision makers that your enterprise is worthy of their investment support? Embed your circular calendar in your business plan presentation. Those decision makers can see at a glance the start-to-finish steps of your plan and that you have identified the most essential tasks, budgeting, and resources to bring your project to fruition.

Think of the many ways you can customize and embed the important circular calendars for each project, big and small. Access your plandisc.com cloud-based circular calendar templates and start mapping out the important tasks and dates of your next enterprise.