Using Plandisc to Manage Complex Marcom Plans

Traditional marketing communications planning in large organizations often winds up falling into various silos. Multiple channels including print, broadcast, sales collateral, trade shows/events, can be all created and managed by different people or agencies. Add in half a dozen social channels and you begin to see the challenge that faces marketing managers to keep everything[…]

The Evolution of Planning Tools

Why Plandisc’s Elegant Cyclical Design Makes Sense As our lives become more chaotic and technology becomes more prevalent, I find myself constantly seeking more and better ways to manage my time. For me, it started with a basic pocket diary, which quickly evolved into the “Day Timer.” The Day Timer eventually gave way to the[…]

Plandisc – An Efficient Planning Tool

Successful execution requires a good planning tool Successful execution of any activity or project requires planning. Planning is the base or the foundation on which an activity or project is built. Whether it is the personal life of an individual or the long term strategic planning or an organisation, planning is critical for the successful[...]

Synergised planning with Plandisc

Kan du ikke se årshjulet så klik her Plans can take many forms. Right from simple short term plans to complicated long term, plans are of different types, have different characteristics and also different levels of complexities. A company is usually required to plan for the long term while also ensuring that its short term[...]

Plandisc –an efficient analytical planning tool

Kan du ikke se årshjulet så klik her A planning tool is not just a bunch of enablers that assist in designing a crude plan. The right planning tool, like the circular planning tool called Plandisc performs several activities that make a planning process smooth, facts and statistics driven and displays information in a highly[...]

Plan for your business with the right planning tools

Kan du ikke se årshjulet så klik her Planning is the key element for any project or process or achieving the defined objectives. For a business organisation, planning plays the most important role in determining the right measures that involve optimally using the assets and resources of the company for achieving its goals. Planning is[...]

Long term planning with Plandisc

Kan du ikke se årshjulet så klik her When it comes to planning for a business organisation, the planning phase is not limited to a few months or quarter or even a year. The required plan could be multiyear and might span across several years or even decades. Irrespective of the fact of what the[...]

How to plan efficiently in a short timespan

Planning is the most important part of an undertaking or a project. It helps define the clear path and the methods to achieve the defined goals and objectives. To make planning simple and effective, using the right planning tools is highly essential. The circular planning tool from Plandisc is unequivocally the best when it comes[...]

How is a circular planning tool better?

With the planning processes becoming more and more complicated, more and more planning tools are not available than ever before. However, the majority of these planning tools have made the process of planning even more complicated without much consideration for offering a simple process for planning. Complicated tools do not mean effective tools. To the[...]