Book a Personal Demo

Book a Personal Demo

Map The Rhythm of Your Business With Plandisc – It's More Beneficial Than You Might Think

If you are new to Plandisc and wish to learn more about the basics, then this personal demo is the perfect introduction. It is also beneficial if there has been a while since you last used the tool and need a presentation of the new features.

Are you already using Plandisc and need help with a specific problem? Book a support meeting instead.

In a demo like this we will cover:

  • How plandisc can strengthen collaboration.
  • How plandisc creates transparency and thereby breaks down silos within the organization.
  • What we mean by a digital and interactive annual planner.
  • How Plandisc can be adapted to fit different industries.
  • The difference between planning in Excel and Plandisc.
  • How you can add a meeting directly from Outlook.

A demo lasts about 30 minutes. It is free of charge and non-binding to participate.