Attach Excel files to your Planning cycle

You are able to attach files to your PLANDISC Planning cycle

No matter whether you are creating your own Planning cycle or using one of PLANDISC’s various templates, you will always be able to attach documents with different formats such as Excel, Word, Powerpoint etc.

How do I attach f.inst. an Excel sheet?

Below you will find an explanation of how to attach an Excel file to a Planning cycle. The advantages by attaching files – f. inst. an Excel sheet – is that your Planning cycle will be easier to read. You could choose to describe only the main subject of each activity and the more detailed description attached as an Excel file. Often you will see minutes of meetings, curricula, and subject descriptions as attachments to a Planning cycle. If you have chosen to add your Planning cycle to your Intranet, homepage etc., everybody will have access to the attached documents.

The Planning cycle will increase the interaction of an organization.

Your Planning cycle could then be a key tool, coordinating the interaction of the organization and its stakeholders, in the sports club, or between the school and the parents. Our Planning cycle is circular, which is the reason why we call it a PLANDISC. You can choose to print the Planning cycle, as you would print a calendar.