Planning cycle for a Board of Directors

A Planning cycle as a working plan

A Planning cycle should be a working plan for a board of directors describing the subjects/activities they want to work with as well as the strategic goals they have set for the year to come.
Some boards will let the year slide and take up the matters as they come along, or when the matters are being presented at the board meetings. In order to make sure that the board will get through all the matters at hand and that they have an overall view of the business planning, it would be a good idea to create an Annual Operating Plan. You cannot predict everything, but there will often be matters on the agenda, to which the board of directors has to attend.

The business planning might contain some of these matters:

• The legal requirements such as f.inst. the annual report, the general meeting, etc.
• The business procedures focusing on goal, strategy, risk, evaluation of the board of directors, evaluation of the CEO
• Current follow-up with regard to the operation of the business
• Specific matters from the business plan or matters of current interest such as f.inst. outsourcing, construction plans, etc.

A business plan for a board of directors might contain these headlines:

1st Quarter: The annual report, the general meeting
2nd Quarter: Target meeting, initial board meeting
3rd Quarter: Strategy
4th Quarter: Financial forecast and preparation of the annual report

PLANDISC offers you a variety of templates

With a Planning cycle from PLANDISC, the board of directors will get a management tool, which is available for the whole board of directors. The Planning cycle could be added to the company’s Intranet, if this should be relevant.
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