An Annual Operating Plan can support the targeted education

The new Primary School Reform in Denmark aims at raising the children’s educational standards. That is why the Reform has a clear formulation regarding the improvement of the pupil’s learning and how they are feeling at school. Working target-oriented is in this connection very important.

Working with learning goals requires a long-term planning – f.inst. with an Annual Operating Plan from PLANDISC. With an Annual Operating Plan from PLANDISC you have the possibility of developing a structured and clear curriculum for a class, a team or a subject. The Annual Operating Plan from PLANDISC has the advantage that within a few seconds, you create the template yourself. The Annual Operating Plan is circular and providing a good overall view.

You have the possibility of attaching files to your Annual Operating Plan, f.inst. documents, photos, etc. This will enable you to include the parents or other teachers, as the Annual Operating Plan can be accessible to everybody – and even be added to the school’s Intranet. One click will give the parents access to the Annual Operating Plan/the curriculum and the activities planned.