Book a Support Meeting

Book a Support Meeting

We’ve got you covered with free support!

In a support meeting you set the agenda. This meeting is suitable for people who are used to planning with Plandisc but have run into a specific problem of some kind.

Are you new to Plandisc and want help figuring out the basics?   Book a personal demo here.

During a support meeting we might go over:

  • The best ways to cooperate in Plandisc, in general or specifically within your organization.
  • How you can create transparency between colleagues and departments by making plans accessible.
  • Different ways to integrate and share your plandiscs.
  • How to synchronize Plandisc and your private calendars.
  • Features that are only available to you as an Enterprise administrator in Plandisc.
  • Anything you want help figuring out.

The length of a support meeting varies depending on your needs. When you book a support meeting we set aside 30 minutes and that is usually enough to solve most things.