30. August 2015

Confidentiality Policy and the GDPR

Plandisc - Your Data, Our Responsibility

At Plandisc we prioritize high protection of Data and therefore will be compliant with the new data protection regulation (GDPR) on the 25 of May 2018

In cooperation with lawyers and external consultants, we are now implementing GDPR protocols and will be ready before 25 May 2018.

The purpose of GDPR is that users of an online service may feel safe by leaving their data to a third part. The trust users of Plandisc show us by using our software is something take very serious. That’s why, since our start, there has been a major focus area to secure the data. The new data protection foreclosure now sets more solid frameworks for this, which we welcome.


Here you can see how far we are:

  • Through 2017: We have identified all the areas of our software and our business that deal with data handling.
  • March 2018: Adaptation of our data protection agreement in cooperation with our lawyers. As well as obtaining all relevant data processing agreements.
  • April 2018: Dispatch of data processing agreements with our contract customers.

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

This Confidentiality Policy will protect your personal data by regulating PLANDISC’s use of the information you give when creating your profile at PLANDISC. PLANDISC is legally obliged to protect the personal data of the subscribers, when they are online.

When you create a profile by PLANDISC, you agree that we collect and use your personal data according to this Confidentiality Policy. When creating the profile you will automatically sign-up for our Newsletter. We are legally obliged to currently up-date a version of the Confidentiality Policy and add to our site.

The information we collect:
Browsing on our website requires no information identifying the user.
When creating a profile, you do not need to provide PLANDISC with a lot of information. Some information is obligatory and clearly marked on the registration form. The rest is voluntary. We may automatically collect data from you that are not personal – such as which internet browser you are using, or information about the homepage from which you came to our homepage. This information is not able to identify you and we are only using it in order to be able to give an efficient service on our homepage.

With whom are we sharing the data – and your rights
We do not sell or distribute your personal data to third party. We use third party services to handle and administer E-mail communication, such as Newsletters, marketing mails, etc. All personal data made public in connection with such communication will apply according to the Privacy Policy of third party. Read more about Mail Chimp Privacy Policy.

Among other things, third party cookies are used to make statistics on your visits to plandisc.com cookies, for example, to know which pages you visit and how long you are on them, how many pages are per user, and what pages are viewed On the same visit, etc. Here we use Google Analytics. You can sign out of Google Analytics here

On plandisc.com, cookies are stored when using third-party services and components, such as (but not limited to) Google Maps, YouTube videos, Tweets, or Facebook comments. Our integration with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter uses cookies to keep track of whether you are logged in to Plandisc.com. Also includes 3rd party components like “Facebook Recommend,” “Facebook likes” or “Tweet this”. We also use tools to control our digital marketing, such as Adform, Adroll and AdWords, as well as on Facebook and other social media.

These third party collaborations and components cause the holder of the component, such as Facebook or Google, to receive technical data about your browser, IP address, User ID, and which pages you visit on plandisc.com. With userid tracking, we merge google data before and after plandisc login. If you at the same time as your visit to plandisc.com is logged on, for example, Facebook or Google, Facebook / Google is able to assign this data to your profile. The processing performed by the third party component holder is beyond our control and is solely a relationship between you and the third party component holder.

We, at PLANDISC, take data security very seriously. Microsoft, which are hosting our software, are currently securing that their security is following the highest standards within this line the business. However, no company – including PLANDISC – is able to eliminate any kind of security risk in connection with transmission of personal data via online transactions. It is therefore at your own risk.
You are personally responsible for a secure and confidential safekeeping of the access code we have given you and which you have chosen for all your PLANDISC services.
Only the subscriber is able to delete the Annual Operating Plan.

Areas of Cooperation
We reserve our right to contact you via E-mail or telephone regarding the administration of your subscription.
PLANDISC will, at your request, remove any subscription (and the personal data connected to this) from our database.
In order to be able to run the systems correctly and to protect ourselves and our other subscribers, we reserve our right to get access and to present individually identifying information with regard to meeting any applicable law, any decisions made by the Court of Law, and legal requirements made by the authorities.
Furthermore, in case any information regarding your person will be released to third parties, you will receive a notification, and you will then have the choice of not sharing this information. You give us the right to publish your company logo as reference on our website, but you can change you mind any time by writing or sending us an e-mail.
If you have not earlier opposed to the fact that your personal data have been used for direct marketing purposes fx your logo used as reference on our site, you can change your mind any time by writing or sending us an E-mail.

A cookie is a simple computer file made of text asking for permission to be transferred to your computer. If you have accepted this (or if your browser has, in case it has been programmed to do so), your browser will add this cookie file.
We are using log statistics for identification of which websites are being visited. This will help us analyze the data of our homepage and to help improve it by accommodating it to the customers’ needs.

This homepage may contain links to other homepages. Please be aware that PLANDISC is not responsible for confidentiality or contents of other homepages and that PLANDISC will take no responsibility with regard to these homepages.

Information about changes
If we should decide to make any changes in our policy concerning protection of personal data, you could read about this on our homepage.